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The Vellhor Saga

With Volume One of the Vellhor Saga, ELVEN BLOOD, now completed and Volume to nearing completion, it's time to immerse yourselves in the Fantasy world of Vellhor and follow Gunnar, Anwyn, Kemp and Ruiha on their adventures!


Elven Blood - Volume One

The first book in the saga follows Gunnar, Anwyn, kemp and Ruiha as the reader discovers about the shifting political scene across Vellhor, the schemes and plots of the barbaric Drogo and the plans of their God Nergai.

Vellhor 23.07.23.jpg

Map of Vellhor

This map allows you to understand the landscape  of Vellhor, where the different factions and races inhabit and the locations of important cities.


Gunnar & Anwyn

Meet Gunnar and Anwyn our two main characters in the Saga.  Although from different races and cultures, will fate bring them together?

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